Universal-Effects Europe  Wind machine UE ST-Base 1000 MKII

Universal-Effects Europe  Wind machine UE ST-Base 1000 MKII
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The UE ST-BASE 1000 MKII is a large and very powerful (22,000W) wind machine. It has been designed to create very large effects. The base can be orientated over 100° in a vertical plan. The whole machine can be easily handled, both manually or with a forklift.

It is fitted with 4 full-locking castors and with an electric cabinet to ensure a full control of power and effects. Thanks to its built-in frequency inverter, you can adjust the ventilation power from 0 to 100%. When operated at full power with the UE HeadWind this wind machine can produce a wind speed up 140 km/h !

Made from ALUMINIUM and STAINLESS STEEL, the UE ST-Base 1000 MKII is a durable product. Each component was selected keeping in mind its quality and its efficiency.
- 1 x UE ST-Base 1000 MKII DMX
- 4 x Tightening bolts for heads

Dimensions: L 206 x W 122 x H 164 cm
Weight: 300 kg
Power rating:
380V – 50 Hz - 22 Kw – 58A
Speed control through DMX-512
Compliance with norm CE ERP 2015
Supplied with a frequency inverter, a full electrical protection and the control of heads.
Wind output speed: 125 km/h
Output speed with UE HeadWind: 140km/h

- UE HeadSnow 1000
- UE HeadWind 1000
- UE Projection 1000