SeaChanger  Tungsten CYM w/ XG Whl

SeaChanger  Tungsten CYM w/ XG Whl

Profile Studio Dichroic - Tungsten CYM w/ XG Whl. Více informací

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SeaChanger Tungsten products turn your ETC Source Four® Ellipsoidals into brilliant dichroic profile and wash lights. They provide illumination and seamless color transitions for theatrical, worship, and architectural applications. This self-contained dichroic color changer has an internal power supply as well as 4-channel DMX and RDM capability for easy operation. SeaChanger Tungsten products reduce your carbon footprint - achieving colors with one fixture that previously could only be produced with banks of gel scrollers. You reduce waste without the hassle of gels and broken gel strings. Unlike LEDs, SeaChanger fixtures provide high lumen output that can accommodate gobos and allow long distance throws.

SeaChanger Tungsten products are dynamic CYM xG color changers used with your ETC Source Four® Ellipsoidals. They utilize dichroic filter technology, creating a nearly endless palette of stable, reproducible colors that don’t shift or fade with time. The SeaChanger Tungsten Profile accommodates beam-shaping ETC Source Four® accessories including any FOV barrel (5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70° and 90°), Enhanced Definition Lens Tubes (EDLT), Source Four® Zooms and gobos.

Quiet, swipe-free color transitions in less than a half a second are easily accomplished using DMX or RDM control. The xG Filter extends the CYM color gamut, and creates deep blues, rich reds and vibrant greens; the xG filter adds natural overtones and nuance to the standard CYM palette, creating a new dimension in realistic scenery lighting.


Technické informace

Ambient Temperature:
113 ºF (45 ºC) maximum
32 ºF (0 ºC) minimum
392 ºF (200 ºC) maximum exterior
110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, (auto-sensing), non-dimmed circuit,
0.3 Amps @ 110 VAC, 0.15 @ 240 VAC (35W)
DMX512 5-pin male and female XLR; RDM device per ANSI E1.20-
2006; Front panel membrane keypad with LED numeric display
Standard Wheel Set Specifications:
Ch. 1 - Cyan: 0 - 95% saturation
Ch. 2 - Magenta: 0 - 95% saturation
Ch. 3 - Yellow: 0 - 95% saturation
Ch. 4 - Standard xG filter,
0 - 100% saturation
Ch. 4 - Optional patterned AI douser,
0 - 99% dimming
Dimmers not applicable forTungsten Lamps. For HID/CDM/ only
Ch. 4 - Optional Custom dichroic filter
Channel 4 Standard can be replaced with any of the other Ch. 4
Color Mapping:
Nearly infinite color mapping within a gamut of the CIE triangulated
color space; gamut extended with xG filter
New color engine technology
color changes in less than 0.5 seconds
Beam Characteristics:
Preserves all ETC Source Four® beam characteristics
Lamp Compatibility:
575 W or 750 W HPL lamps; can be used with Source Four HID
White Light Output:
7500 Lumens total system output (SeaChanger +26° Source Four
with 750W HPL Lamp)
Color Filters:
Dichroic patterned CYM and xG coatings on optical glass substrates,
BBAR-coated, in-band transmission >98%
Color Temperature:
Easy-out color engine removal for cleaning; safety cable ring; 3’
safety cable included
*Does not include ETC Source 4 components or Yoke