SeaChanger  Profile HMI CYM and Dimmer

SeaChanger  Profile HMI CYM and Dimmer

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99 750 bez DPH
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The 24,000 lumen SeaChanger HMI is the perfect choice for applications requiring bright light, high color temperature, great color rendering and long working distances. The SeaChanger HMI is ideal for live events and theatrical installations where there is a need to cut through ambient stage and outside lighting. In addition, the Seachanger HMI provides an excellent light source for TV and film production where high CRI and adjustable color temperature is required. The long throw capability and fast color snaps of the Speedster dichroic color engine makes the SeaChanger HMI great for indoor and outdoor themed attractions (when installed in an approved outdoor enclosure) as well as general architectural illumination.

A true lighting innovation in DMX color changing technology for live events, architectural, theatrical, broadcast TV/film and themed attractions. The SeaChanger HMI’s optical design utilizes ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal components making it compatible with all the standard accessories such as Gobo

holders, Gobos, Top hats, and Iris kits. The SeaChanger HMI creates unprecedented levels of precision with nearly endless palettes of stable, reproducible colors that do not shift or fade with time or temperature. The SeaChanger HMI utilizes a dimmer wheel for controlled dimming. With a 575w lamp, this fixture produces an impressive 24,000 lumens at 40 lumens per watt; a spectacular product for long throws and outdoor applications.


Technické informace

“Spectrum” color engine enables
color changes in less than 0.5 seconds
White light output:
24,000 lumens total system output, 95 CRI
DMX 5pin male and female XLR
RDM device per ANSI e1.20-2006
Front panel membrane keypad with LED numeric display
Channel Feat ures:
Ch 1-Cyan 0-100% Saturation
Ch 2-Magenta 0-100% Saturation
Ch 3- Yellow 0-100% Saturation
Ch 4- Micropatterned Dimmer 0-100%
Seachanger Color Engine
110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, (auto-sensing), non-dimmed circuit,
.3 Amps @ 110 VAC, .15 Amps @ 240 VAC
HMI Lamp:
Flicker Free Electronic Ballast provides for DMX control and
manual control
90/265 VAC 50/60 Hz (auto sensing), non dimmed circuit
7 amps@110v, 4 amps@240v
Lamp type:
Philips MSR 575w HR (theatrical)
Osram 575W/60 HSD (architectural)
Lamp life:
1,000 hours estimated (theatrical)
3,000 hours estimated (architectural)
Color Temperature:
Easy-out color engine removal for cleaning; safety cable ring; 3'
safety cable included
*Does not include ETC Source 4 components or Yoke