Universal-Effects Europe  Mist & rain machine UE ST-Mist & Rain Machine 350

Universal-Effects Europe  Mist & rain machine UE ST-Mist & Rain Machine 350
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The UE ST-Mist & Rain Machine 350 is a very powerful mist & rain machine. You can use it to create your own weather conditions. To cool down the atmosphere, throw up water in mist mode. When you want to create a watered stage, with wind, use the rain mode. This effect is used by cinema and video productions, and by theme parks.

This mist & rain machine is fitted with our usual professional base, so that it can be used on the floor, on a raising base, on a shooting turret or hung under a structure. Comes complete with its pump fitted on a support and all required pipes.

Made from ALUMINIUM and STAINLESS STEEL, the UE ST-Mist & Rain 350 is a durable product. Each component was selected keeping in mind its quality and its efficiency.
- 1 x UE ST-Base 350
- 4 x Tightening bolts for heads
- 1 x UE HeadMist & Rain 350
- 1 x Pump 350
- 1 x pipe set

Horizontal Dimensions: L 40 x W 63 x H 57 cm
Weight: Version ECO 19.4 kg - Version STD 20.2kg - Version DMX 20.2kg
230V – 50/60Hz – 550W – 3.8A – IP 55 (European Version)
115V – 60Hz – 550W – 7.6A – IP 55 (US Version)
Compliance with norm CE ERP 2015
Noise level 84 dB / 3m indoor.
Noise level 74 dB / 3m outdoor.
Standard base.
Adjustment to vertical 110°.
Attachment under a structure is possible.

Dimensions: L 45 x W 37 x H 42 cm
Weight: 24.6 kg
Power rating:
230V – 50Hz – 800W – 3.7A – IP 44 (European Version)
115V – 60Hz – 800W – 7.4A – IP54 (US Version)

Projection of mist cloud to 6m.
Consumption of water using the mist nozzle: 3L/min
Projection of rain to 6m.
Consumption of water with the rain nozzle: 47L/min

Please see below how to select the type of control :
ECO: control through manual setting using the fan speed selection button and power through IEC - Schuko cable with 5x20mm glass fuse.
STD: control through a manual setting, from 0% to 100%, of fan speed.
DMX: full control through with manual and remote adjustment and a DMX-512 connection.
Power supply using 2m cables with Plugs PowerCon & Shuko plugs on versions and resettable fuse on STD&DMX versions.