(5600°K o 3200°K) 560 HIGH CRI LEDS (CRI>94) complete of yoke, power supply mounting bracket, 24V AC adapter power supply w/LOCAL DIMMER Více informací

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LUPOLED 560 is the new LED panel daylight with superior Color Rendering Index (CRI>94).

LUPOLED 560, thanks to the exclusive LUPOLED daylight balanced technology, have perfect color rendition and  without unpleasant casts (green), typical of incorrect LED lights. Thanks to this exclusive and key feature can avoid post production and the light emitted can be mixed with other lighting sources like sun light.

Extremely compact and lightweight (only 1,3 Kg), LUPOLED 560 is highly portable, even thanks to the padded bag, and can be used in every shooting situation because it can run on AC or battery.

LUPOLED 560 can be dimmed with accuracy from 0 to 100% and it can be used to light the scene or can be positioned comfortably close to a subject's face.

Thanks to the special battery  (weight only 600 gr.) it can provide about 3 hours of illumination at full power. 

LUPOLED 560, thanks to their exclusive features, are the most advanced solution for TV studios and video and they are ideal for broadcast news, interviews, green screen and many other situations.



Technické informace

- 560 LEDs with exclusive multiphosphors LUPOLED technology (CRI>94)
- 5600°K or 3200°K color temperature
- Ultralightweight, compact and easy to handle (weight only 1,3 Kg )
- Dimensions: 350x260x48 mm
- Runs on AC adapter or battery
- Heat-Free
- Dimmable with accuracy from 0 to 100% without shift of color temperature
- Flicker-Free
- Very low consumption: only 38W
- Light output: equivalent to 650W of an incandescent light source
- Integrated filter holder
- Long LEDs life: 50.000 hrs
- Full power illumination with LUPOLED special battery: about 3 hrs