Universal-Effects Europe  Low fog machine UE Ice Tour 20 6kW

Universal-Effects Europe  Low fog machine UE Ice Tour 20 6kW
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Universal-Effects Europe 
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The UE Ice Tour 20 6kW is a must of low fume machine! It's one of the nicest theatrical effects, improved again by Universal-Effects. The fog produced is white and very dense. It produces a double effect: either a huge 2m-high wave that breaks like a tsunami, or a white and very dense carpet of low fog.

With a 6 kW power, it is fitted with a cylinder-basket, with a capacity of 20 kg of dry ice, for a 2 to 4 minute-long effect. Diffusion is very wide through 2 300mm outputs, allowing a wide theatrical coverage.

2 versions are available:
the STD version, that can be directly connected to power and with a manual control
the DMX version with a DMX-512 console for an accurate remote control.

The high safety level, at both electrical and user level, and the easy use, are quite surprising!

- 1 x UE Ice Tour 20 6Kw

Dimensions: L 103 x W 69 x H 79xm
Weight: 133 kg
Power rating:
2 x 230 V – 50/60HZ – 3200W – 13.9A – IP44
Basket fitted on cylinders with a 20-kg capacity of dry ice.
Water tank - capacity: 130L.

2 output pipes to distribute floor fume.
Ref. UE Pipe Ice Tour L 10m Diameter 300mm

This machine is a flight-case like machine. Sound and thermal insulation. This machine is designed to resist the harshest working conditions.