PROLED - MBN  INGROUND 3S RGB 2G asym. 45°/00

PROLED - MBN  INGROUND 3S RGB 2G asym. 45°/00
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The PROLED INGROUND series is designed for floor or ceiling integration and offers various design possibilities in architectural illumination.

  • dimmable, automatic colour change, DMX 512 controllable by MBNLED RGB DMX power supplies/controller
  • incl. powder coated aluminium mounting sleeve grey

Technické informace

Technical Data
IP classification:IP67 (for outdoor use)
Power source:24 VDC Common Cathode (CC)
Ring:stainless steal 316
Housing:powder coated aluminium grey, 8 mm tempered glass
Mounting sleeve:powder coated aluminium grey
Load capacity:exert force area of ø10 mm = 600 kg,
ø30 mm = 1800 kg
Electrical connection:1x cable 0,5 m H05RN-F 4x 0,75 mm²
to open wires
Operating temperature range:-10° C till +45° C
Photometric Data
LED type:Edison 3 Watt Highpower
Luminous flux:red 45 Lumen
green 68 Lumen
blue 22 Lumen
r+g+b (white) 131 Lumen
Wave length:red 626 nm
green 520 nm
blue 460 nm
Beam angle:15°, 45° and asymmetrical 45°/00
order codecolourbeam angleLED pcsLED powerpower consumption*weight
L17130S1RGB15°39 Watt7-9 Watt1,0 kg
L17130S4RGB45°39 Watt7-9 Watt1,0 kg
L17130SARGBasym. 45°/0039 Watt7-9 Watt1,0 kg