LITEPANELS  Inca 9 - Tungsten LED Fresnel

LITEPANELS  Inca 9 - Tungsten LED Fresnel
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The tungsten balanced Inca 9 LED Fresnel is stronger and brighter than a traditional 1K Fresnel, while offering all the benefits of Litepanels’ proprietary LED fixture designs. The custom 9" Fresnel lens emits an even, collimated light source that can be focused and controlled for maximum flexibility.

Cost effective features delivering strong ROI.These energy efficient fixtures draw a mere 190 watts of electricity and generate only a small amount of heat, allowing for greatly reduced HVAC costs. An integrated DMX module offers unprecedented control by allowing not only remote dimming, which eliminates the need for expensive dimmers and a climate controlled dimmer room, but also remote focus control, whichmakes cumbersome ladders a thing of the past when it comes to adjusting focus.The proprietary DMXmodule works with readily available and affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections via any standard DMX512 protocol device.

  • Warm, tungsten balanced LED output without the heat of incandescent tungsten Fresnels.
  • Custom 9" Fresnel lens produces full spectrum, directional illumination.
  • Proprietary DMX module allows for both remote dimming and remote focusing.
  • Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0, with no noticeable color shift throughout the entire range.
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle.
  • Robust, lightweight composite housing and Standard Yoke with Junior Pin enable easy mounting and positioning.
  • Incredibly energy efficient, these fixtures draw only 190W but are brighter and stronger than a 1K tungsten Fresnel.
  • Low power consumption, reduced HVAC requirements, and no associated bulb replacement costs contribute to a return on your investment (ROI) in less than three years for typical studio applications.

Technické informace

  • Max. power draw (Watts)
  • Comparative output
    1kW Tungsten
  • Beam angle (degrees)
    15 - 54
  • Remote control available
  • Optics
    9” / 22.86cm dia Fresnel Lens
  • Weight
    7.53 kg
  • Power supply
    AC/DC 120-240VAC
                  • Fixture type
                    Fresnel Lights
                  • Colour temperature