Spotlight  FresneLED luminaire 100W Cool White

Spotlight  FresneLED luminaire 100W Cool White
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High efficiency, long-lasting, innovative white light source: • Available in 3 different colour temperatures: warm 3000 K, natural 4000 K, cool 5600 K • Fully dimmable from 0 to 100% in DMX or through local potentiometer • Powerful zoom from 9° spot to 85° flood

Technické informace

In order to keep the same highly professional features, the fixture is using the same external housing of the well known AREA 12 Fresnel spotlight, with the same strong aluminium die-cast structure, excellent ventilation for the best heat dissipation, extremely high resistance to shocks, corrosion etc, and employing the same standard accessory range: barn-doors, filter holders, etc.

FresneLED 100 Warm White 
100W, 5650 Lumen, CRI 90
3000 K,  beam spread  9° to 85°

FresneLED 100 Natural White  
100W, 7000 Lumen, CRI 80
4000 K,  beam spread  9° to 85°

FresneLED 100 Cool White  
100W, 8800 Lumen, CRI 70
5600 K,  beam spread  9° to 85°

Main Features
• Their high efficiency, in some conditions up to 100 lumen per Watt, makes FresneLED 100 ideal when energy saving is a key factor.
• The extra long life of the light sources, more than 30.000 hours, practically cancels the maintenance cost especially where it is hard to do lamp replacement.
• The total absence of ultraviolet rays is essential to avoid damaging items in shop windows or ancient and valuable products in museums etc.
• The very smooth dimming control in DMX let them to be coordinated with any other kind of intelligent light. Vice versa the auxiliary DMX sharp strobe function let them be  used for special effects and as warning device as well.
• The “White Warm” version can be successfully employed together with other conventional tungsten lamps  both in architectural installations and in TV- theatre-studio applications saving a lot of energy and heat.
• The high efficiency daylight version can be used as outdoor fill light in TV and film shoots, or in conjunction with other discharge fixture, such as accent light for indoor applications.
• The perfect dimming capability makes it the only daylight source inherently  dimmable without any external mechanical support.
• The absence of IR and ultraviolet rays let any colour filter in front of  them to live without fading for a nearly unlimited time.

• Pole operated yoke version
• DMX motorised yoke version

 TC S 12    Colour filter frame 168x168 mm
 PL 4 U12    4 leaf barndoors
 WH 1        DMX scroller colour changer
 GAC        Hook clamps for 30 - 50 mm. tube
 FUNE        Safety rope with spring hook

Dimensions and weight
283 x 316 x 331 mm
Kg. 5,5