Universal-Effects Europe  Foam machine UE ST-Jet-Foam Machine 350

Universal-Effects Europe  Foam machine UE ST-Jet-Foam Machine 350
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The UE ST-Jet-Foam Machine 350 is a very powerful foam machine which produces a high quality foam. The foam is produced inside the head and is thrown up continuously. By installing the machine on one of our shooting turret, you can easily spread the floor, the stage or the swimming pool, using a very funny wiping.

Made from aluminium, the head is light weight, although it is large.It is fitted with our usual professional base, so that it can be used on the floor, on a raising base, on a shooting turret or hung under a structure. It has been designed for fixed or mobile, small to medium facilities.

Comes complete with its pump fitted on a support and all required pipes.

Made from ALUMINIUM and STAINLESS STEEL, the UE ST-Snow Machine 350 is a durable product. Each component was selected keeping in mind its quality and its efficiency.

- 1 x UE ST-Base 350
- 4 x Tightening bolts for heads
- 1 x UE HeadJet-Foam 350
- 1 x Pump 350
- 1 x pipe set

Horizontal Dimensions: L 40 x W 63 x H 57 cm
Weight: Version ECO 19.4 kg - Version STD 20.2kg - Version DMX 20.2kg
230V – 50/60Hz – 550W – 3.8A – IP 55 (European Version)
115V – 60Hz – 550W – 7.6A – IP 55 (US Version)
Compliance with norm CE ERP 2015
Noise level 84 dB / 3m indoor.
Noise level 74 dB / 3m outdoor.
Standard base.
Adjustment to vertical 110°.
Attachment under a structure is possible.

Dimensions: L 136 x W 54 x H 54 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Power rating:
230V – 50 – 800W – 3.7A – IP 44 (European Version)
115V – 60Hz – 800W – 7.4A – IP54 (US Version)

- production of 50 m3/min of foam.
- production of a foam storm over 6 m.
- Consumption of CC foam liquid: 1.2 L/min
- Consumption of water + fluid preparation: 60 L/min

Please see below how to select the type of control :
ECO: control through manual setting using the fan speed selection button and power through IEC - Schuko cable with 5x20mm glass fuse.
STD: control through a manual setting, from 0% to 100%, of fan speed.
DMX: full control through with manual and remote adjustment and a DMX-512 connection.
Power supply using 2m cables with Plugs PowerCon & Shuko plugs on versions and resettable fuse on STD&DMX versions.