Defender Wheelchair Ramp - Ramp Module Set

Defender Wheelchair Ramp - Ramp Module Set
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Professional cable protection combined with a practical solution to make the Defender MIDI cable crossovers suitable for wheelchairs, walking frames and trolleys.

As it is the case with all crossovers of the DEFENDER series, the Defender Wheelchair ramp is oil, acid, and petrol resistant.

We recommend the use of our wheelchair ramp set including 3 Lines (6 ramp pieces) with the matching extremity pieces. These pieces must be used together with the blue pre-drilled Defender Midi cable crossover.

The drilling ensures that the ramp doesn’t slide from the cable crossover. With this configuration the drive across zone is 80 cm wide. It is of course possible to extend the ramp’s width by using more lines.

Technické informace

  • 6 Ramp pieces (3 Lines) 
  • 4 extremity pieces (2 left extremities / 2 right extremities) 
  • 1 blue pre-drilled Midi cable crossover