Universal-Effects Europe  Co2 Machine UE Gun-Co2

Universal-Effects Europe  Co2 Machine UE Gun-Co2
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Universal-Effects Europe 
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The UE Gun Co2 is a Co2 machine designed like a "Gun". It is easy to use. You can move freely while shooting jets in any directions. The UE Gun is the ideal accessory to make live night parties and shows. It is very innovative and requires neither electric power nor cable to be operated.

This Co2 machine is fitted with a double safety tube to prevent burns.

2 versions ara available
SOLO : Economic version without neither bottle holder jack nor gaz pipe.

BACK PACK : Supplied with a bottle-holder jacket and a gaz pipe for an easy connection to the bottle.

Moreover, you will find, in our accessories, the CO2 level sensor, which is compulsory for indoor use.

Made from ALUMINIUM and STAINLESS STEEL, the UE Gun-Co2 is a durable product. Each component was selected keeping in mind its quality and its efficiency.

- 1 x UE Gun-Co2
- 1 x bottle-holder jacket (back pack version)
- 1 x UE Gas HP-Pipe 1m For Gun/CO2 shooter (back pack version)

Gun dimensions: L 70 x W 30 x H 25 cm
Gun weight: 2.4 kg
Jacket dimensions: L 7 x W 30 x H 38 cm
Jacket weight: 1 kg
Weight of the UE Gun-Co2 Back pack : 4.5 kg
Manual High Pressure trigger
Double-insulation pipe to prevent any risk of burn.
Safe connection to connect the high pressure pipe.
Consumption of CO2: 0.20kg/sec

- Laser Pen for Gun & CO2 shooter
- Maglite for Gun & CO2 shooter