Montarbo  B2

Montarbo  B2
  • Montarbo  B2
  • Montarbo  B2
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Two customized bumpers permit secure and simple flying or stacking of PalcoPlus arrays. No compromises have been permitted in the manufacture of these high-resistance-steel flying accessories.
B1 is the larger bumper, certified for the suspension of up to sixteen RA16 enclosures. 
The smaller bumper, B2, is certified to fly arrays of up to eight RA16 enclosures. 
Each of these bumpers can be inverted to act as a base for stacked arrays, the B1 for up to six RA 16 units, and the B2 for up to four. Each bumper is outfitted to accept stacking feet, each can be stacked safely atop the RAB1815 sub unit or on the stage floor.

Technické informace

Bumper B2

Construction:FE360 Structural Steel

DimensionsW 545 x H 90 x D 513 mm

Weight:8.5 kg

Maximum load:  320 kg (flown)

Maximum array:8 RA16 elements (flown); 144 kg
Montarbo  B2