LDR - Luci della Ribalta  alba 30/55 C, 200W 5.600K cool white

LDR - Luci della Ribalta  alba 30/55 C, 200W 5.600K cool white
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LDR - Luci della Ribalta 
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A high efficiency, powerful 200W led module featuring a PWM dimming power source harnessed in the high-specification optics of LDR profile spotlights. 

With a CRI rated at 86, its excellent optical performance at any angle and beam-shaping and an outstanding light output, the new Alba range is the professionals’ choice for all those applications where heat is an issue, power supply is limited and running costs need to be significantly reduced. 

Alba 30/55, very wide-angle profile, is available in two different colour temperatures: warm white at 3200°K and cool white at 5600°K. A full range of accessories complements the range.

Technické informace


20100106 - colour frame
20100206 - safety guard
20100706 - iris diaphragm
20100806 - gobo holder A/B size
20100900 - hook clamp
20101100 - alu-grip clamp
20101200 - safety bond
20106019 - Xpress 19

20600006 - mounting plate 185x185mm


Optical Systemdouble condensor + zoom 
Colour Gel Dimension185x185mm 
Beam angle30° - 55°