PROLED - MBN  19“ X3 RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY 2G 3x 5 V - 3x 50 W - Common Anode

PROLED - MBN  19“ X3 RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY 2G 3x 5 V - 3x 50 W - Common Anode
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The MBNLED 19" RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY X3 equals three single MBNLED RGB DMX power supplies in one 19" casing. Thereby each MBNLED 19" RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY X3 provides 9 channels.

MBNLED 19" RGB DMX POWER SUPPLIES X3 are intended for rack mount and offer professional clarity and service friendliness. Upon customer request the 19" device can be preconfigured individually at the factory.

Different output voltages and power ratings in one device. According to your requirements common anode and common cathode can be combined in one device as well.

Please click for ordering information for individual configuration.

Technické informace

Technical Data
Dimension (w x h x d):482 x 88 (2HE)* x 410 mm
*with rubber feet 95 mm
order codeoutput voltagepowerversionweight
L5955X32G3x 5V3x 50 WattCommon Anode*8,3 kg
L5905X32G3x 5V3x 50 WattCommon Cathode*8,3 kg
L5960X32G3x 5V3x 90 WattCommon Anode*8,9 kg
L5910X32G3x 5V3x 90 WattCommon Cathode*8,9 kg
L5810X32G3x 12V3x 90 WattCommon Anode*8,9 kg
L5710X32G3x 12V3x 90 WattCommon Cathode*8,9 kg
L5820X32G3x 12V3x 180 WattCommon Anode9,5 kg
L5720X32G3x 12V3x 180 WattCommon Cathode9,5 kg
L5820X32GS3x 12V3x 180 WattCommon Anode - Silent*9,5 kg
L5720X32GS3x 12V3x 180 WattCommon Cathode - Silent*9,5 kg
L5830X32G3x 12V3x 300 WattCommon Anode10,1 kg
L5730X32G3x 12V3x 300 WattCommon Cathode10,1 kg
L5610X32G3x 24V3x 90 WattCommon Anode8,9 kg
L5510X32G3x 24V3x 90 WattCommon Cathode8,9 kg
L5620X32G3x 24V3x 180 WattCommon Anode9,5 kg
L5520X32G3x 24V3x 180 WattCommon Cathode9,5 kg
L5620X32GS3x 24V3x 180 WattCommon Anode - Silent*9,5 kg
L5520X32GS3x 24V3x 180 WattCommon Cathode - Silent*9,5 kg
L5630X32G3x 24V3x 300 WattCommon Anode10,1 kg
L5530X32G3x 24V3x 300 WattCommon Cathode10,1 kg
*without fan