Zvukové systémy


Silk flame machine United Compact AirFlame

The United Compact AirFlame is a compact silk flame machine that creates a superb torch or silk-flame effect. It can be used on the floor or hung up.

Cena: Kč 45.497,- vč. DPH


Silk flame machine Aroma DecoFlame 200

The DecoFlame 200 is a silent silk flame machine used to set up a decorative floor flame on an oval base with a double ventilation system. Detachable flame using a Velcro

Cena: Kč 82.063,- vč. DPH


Drop machine UE Drop Bar 2m

La UE Drop bar 2m is a drop machine made up of a 2 m drop-bar fitted with 3 electromagnetic suction cups. It allows you to create a curtain drop effect.

Cena: Kč 31.103,- vč. DPH


Drop machine UE Drop Single STD

Cena: Kč 25.361,- vč. DPH


Drop machine UE Drop Single DMX

Cena: Kč 42.706,- vč. DPH


Wind machine UE ST-Base 1000 MKII

Cena: Kč 760.057,- vč. DPH

pumpsystem station untere ansicht.jpg

Pumping Station

Cena: na dotaz


LD Systems Roadman 102 - Portable PA Speaker with Headset

Cena: Kč 31.597,- vč. DPH


2M ERGOcom Series - Stage Platform Indoor 2 x 1 m

Cena: Kč 13.393,- vč. DPH