Zvukové systémy


Bubble machine United Compact Bubble

Cena: Kč 41.071,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine United Cryo Colt Twin Back Pack

Cena: Kč 31.541,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine United Cryo Gun Twin Back Pack

Cena: Kč 37.084,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine UE Colt-Co2 Back Pack

Cena: Kč 25.201,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine United Cryo Colt Back Pack

Cena: Kč 20.695,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine United Cryo Gun Back Pack

Cena: Kč 23.477,- vč. DPH


UE Smoke-Co2 Shooter

Fume booster for high power traditional fume machine, min 1,000W, with under pressure CO2. When the two effects are mixed, this creates and explosion of mist in the space.

Cena: Kč 46.135,- vč. DPH


Co2 Machine UE Gun-Co2

Cena: Kč 14.036,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine UE Colt-Co2 Solo

Cena: Kč 11.484,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine UE Colt-Co2 Twin Back Pack

Cena: Kč 39.835,- vč. DPH


Co2 Machine UE Lancer-Co2

The UE Lancer Co2 is a Co2 machine designed like a "bazooka". It is easy to use. You can move freely while shooting jets in any directions. The UE Lancer is the ideal accessory to make live night parties and shows.

Cena: Kč 26.836,- vč. DPH


Co2 machine UE Mini Stage-Co2 Narrow

The UE Mini Stage-Co2 Narrow is a compact Co2 machine used to create thin and powerful CO2 shoots. Thanks to the UE Head Narrow, the shoot is more concentrated and goes further.

Cena: Kč 39.357,- vč. DPH