Confetti machine UE Extra Shooter 3''

Cena: Kč 53.592,- vč. DPH


Confetti machine UE Projection Tube Standard

The UE Projection Tube Standard is a compact confetti machine which discharges confetti and paper snow. More particularly designed to be used with rectangle or square stage confetti and paper snow, this machine can be used to realize very targeted professional performances.

Cena: Kč 46.694,- vč. DPH


Confetti machine UE Mega Shooter

Cena: Kč 153.638,- vč. DPH


Show Confetti Paper Rectangle UV 55 x 17 mm

UV Rectangle Paper Confetti

Cena: Kč 965,- vč. DPH


Show Confetti Metal Rectangle 55 x 17 mm

Metal Rectangle Confetti

Cena: Kč 718,- vč. DPH


Snow machine UE ST-Snow Machine 350

The UE ST-Snow Machine 350 is a very powerful snow machine that meets the requirements of show and amusement professionals. It is a powerful machine that throws up snow flakes over large areas and over 13 meters. Adjusting flake size is possible.

Cena: Kč 152.881,- vč. DPH


Foam Machine UE Foam Tube Standard

Cena: Kč 72.931,- vč. DPH


Mist & rain machine UE ST-Mist & Rain Machine 500

Cena: Kč 186.735,- vč. DPH


Confetti machine UE Volcano Tube Standard

The UE Volcano Tube Standard is a confetti machine used for a vertical discharge of confetti and paper snow, like a volcano.

Cena: Kč 44.341,- vč. DPH


Confetti machine UE K-Striptease Machine 350

The UE K-Striptease Machine 350 is a compact, cheap and silent confetti machine that has been specially designed to create a drop effect of paper snow, confetti, rain sequins or rose petals.

Cena: Kč 77.677,- vč. DPH


Confetti machine UE Super Shooter

Cena: Kč 95.154,- vč. DPH


Confetti machine United Shoot Double

The United Shoot Double is a confetti machine with a firing system for an double electrical shooter. It is adapted to live shows, concerts, theaters and TV shows.

Cena: Kč 11.444,- vč. DPH