ChromaPixelStrip 25 300 MM

Pulsar Light 
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ChromaPixelStrip 25 TriColour is a stylish, light, and slim linear fixture housed in the same UV-rated IP66 25mm diameter polycarbonate tube as our ChromaStrip 25 and 24V range.

ChromaPixelStrip has individually controllable and pixel-mappable segments of LEDs for even more versatility. Available in lengths from 150-1800mm, each 150mm segment is separately addressed and controlled allowing for dynamic chase sequences and effects while being able to operate in nearly any environment. Designed to highlight architectural features, windows, stage sets, truss, or structural outlines, it can also be used in a variety of other applications, such as a concealed source in coves or even exposed as a decorative element of any design.

Set-up and configured via Pulsar Fixture management, the Fixture requires our Power and DMX Buffer and has the potential to light any situation in any way you need.

  • Linear 24V DC compact LED polycarbonate tube luminare for architectural and entertainment applications.

  • DMX input with control over each 150mm (6 LED) segment.

  • Available in lengths from 150 to 1800mm in increments of 150mm and linkable in runs up to 3.6 metres (16')

  • Populated with our flagship TriColour RGB colour mixing LED devices.

  • 100˚ (no lens) standard configuration, which may be increased by reversing the circuit to shine through the ribbed side of the tube for a wider visual effect of approximately 150˚.

  • An optional lens solution tightens the beam to 20˚ for total flexibility.

  • Flicker-free

  • Stainless steel clips

  • UV protection coating

  • +50 to -20C rated

  • PULSAR Fixture Manager required to configure DMX address and other Fixture settings.

  • Power and DMX Buffer required to supply 24V DC and protected DMX signal

  • LEDs and all components in our fixtures are chosen and driven to exceed a 100,000 hour design life

Technické informace:

Description: ChromaPixelStrip 25
Item Code: CPS25-[L]TC[20]
Options: [L] Length (mm): 150 - 1800 in increments of 150
Options: [20] optional 20˚ lens. 100/150˚ standard no-lens configuration
 LEDs: 6 TriColour Devices / 150mm
 Light Output with RGB@100%: 50 lm / 150mm
IP Rating: 66  
 Voltage: 24 V DC Power: 2W / 150mm
Inputs: 24 V + DMX
PFM Compatible: click here for more information
Connectors: 1 x WAGO (F)
Cables: 5m (16.4') ChromaFlex Lite IP66
Included Accessories: 1 x WAGO (M) and 1 x WAGO (F) connectors
Product Dimensions: 25mm (dia) x L (1" x L)
 Product Weight: 0.3kg - 0.8 Kg (0.7 - 1.7 lbs)
Pack Dimensions: up to 1800 (w) x 65 (h) x 60mm (d) (70.8 x 2.6 x 2.41")
Pack Weight: .4kg - 1.6 Kg (.9 - 3.5lbs)

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